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Yukon Digital NV Ranger 5x42

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Valmistaja Yukon
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Yukon Digital NV Ranger 5x42

A new revolutionary development by YUKON.

This night-scope has a digital sensor and is therefore very light-sensitive! Both of the objective lenses give the image more depth.
The Ranger Pro 5x42 is a clear example of successful application of digital technologies in observation-optics. Currently this is the ultimate digital night vision device. Thanks to the highly sensitive CCD-array and the new Som Light-software the Ranger Pro has a powerful 5x magnification and a large visual range up to 250 metres. The Ranger Pro 5x42 can definitely compete with the Gen 1+ concerning sharpness and clarity of the image. The LCD-screen is clear and sharp. The adjustable Infra-red assist beam can be used for observations during a cloudy moonless night. The wave length is 940nm (remote area of the IR-range, invisible to the human eye) - the observer is "invisible", even if the device is used in active modus. The built-in video-output makes it possible to view the image on a monitor or a television with a resolution of 510x492.
It can focus from 5 meter.


  • Imageresolution: 40lp/mm
  • The operating time with fully charged batteries is 10 hours (with infra-red 3 hours).


  • Carrier bag
  • Strap
  • Extra battery container
  • Lens cloth
  • Charger (230v)
  • Car charger
  • Video-out cable


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